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16-52-2014: Sun Seeker

16 52 2014 Sun Seeker

April 20, 2014 – Sunshine is appreciated any time of year, but particularly so in the early spring. We see a lot of rain at this time of year usually, though it’s been unusually dry here for many months. That’s not to say it hasn’t rained, it certainly has. And when it comes down, it does so with extreme gusto. …

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Tiny Dancers in the Lawn

Tiny Dancers

April 20, 2014 – I’ve been negligent on working on my 2014 scavenger hunt (114 Photographs in 2014) but at least managed to catch the one that had to be done on April 14th, although I didn’t get it off the camera until today. Things have been so crazy busy that I just haven’t managed to remember to pick up …

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Bike Rides, Bikes on Bikes, Biker Bars, and Bird Bombings

Baker Is So Clear Today

April 13, 2014 – Ahhh April… how I love thee when you present us with days of mid to high teen temperatures, clear blue skies, and you do this all on a weekend. A couple of weeks ago we did a short ride after putting the plates on for the season ahead. That was a nice little rip up to …

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15-52-2014: Change your mind (nothing ever stays the same)


April 12, 2014 – If you spent your teens and early twenties in the 1980′s you might recognize that title. It’s part of the chorus from Gary Numan’s classic hit “Change Your Mind”. Loved that song! The eighties just had the best music, and I was very much into the club scene then, and really not much for really mainstream …

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14-52-2014: Left-Right Challenged

PAC 1017

April 4, 2014 – I am Left-Right challenged. I remember how excited I was when someone, many, many years ago, upon my blank expression when he gave me directions to a restaurant and told me it was on the left hand side of the road, stuck his left hand out in front of himself and said “Left makes the L!” …

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Why are we so hard on ourselves (and others) – Part II?


For someone with no formal background in human behaviour, barring one lonely psychology course in third year University, I probably spend too much time watching and thinking about how people behave. I’m not really a “pink person”, in fact I generally don’t put anything pastel on, but I do have one deep rich pink top that I can’t seem to …

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13-52-2014: Fresh Baked

13 52 2014 Fresh Baked

March 30, 2014 – Once is luck, twice is interesting, but three times…when you manage to do something perfectly three times in a row… now you have a pattern A few weeks ago I bought a bread cloche. I’d been eyeballing it for a few months at a store downtown, and I pretty much covet anything red and made by …

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