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30-52-2014 – A really, really, short visit to Montreal

Just For Laughs Festival

July 27, 2014 – We spent a couple of short days in Montreal, Kirk was there for work and I went along to kill some vacation time I need to use, and I’ve never been to Montreal. Kirk was busy most of the time, but unexpectedly had the second evening free so his colleague drove him downtown where I was …

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29-52-2014: Preserving the Memories

29 52 2014 Preserving The Memories

July 20, 2014 – The fruits of summer are so fleeting, is there any better way to preserve a bit of summer for the depths of winter than with some fresh preserves? Earlier this week I came across some really nice apricots, unfortunately not the absolutely BEST apricots one can find (tomcots fit that bill, but they are near impossible …

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Speed Limits Catching up to Drivers – Re-post


Cute sign at the Lion’s Gate Marina boat yard Sometimes you read an article that is so bang on that you have to share it, and sometimes it’s so good that you don’t want to lose it. Those are the ones that are worth hanging on to and re-posting. Like this one in the most recent North Shore News The …

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The Little Brown Bear

July 18, 2014 – Milo has always been so hard to take photos of because we never had any outside space where he could go. Now we do, and for the first time I can take photos that show off his lovely brown coat. This little cat had a really lousy start to life, and when he came to us …

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Murdo Frazer Caretaker’s Cabin

Murdo Frazer Park Caretakers Cottage

I first stumbled onto this little cabin in the woods, just off a residential area and just off the freeway, about four or five years ago. I recognized it instantly as being used in the television show Stargate as Jack O’Neil’s cabin. In several episodes he is seen fishing off the little dock. Funny thing is, I never knew two …

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Nothing much to say, just a pretty little daisy 114 pictures in 2014 – 65: Daisy

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A Balanced Approach

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Definition – A Balancing Act: A difficult situation in which you try to achieve several different things at the same time.   Use: Keeping both sides in the dispute happy was a difficult juggling act, which required an extraordinary degree of diplomacy. I’m not sure if I liked it better before call display or not. Don’t you hate when you …

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Re-Post – How E-Reading Threatens Learning in the Humanities

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While the following article zeroes in on the humanities, I think the same can be said for any field. Reading isn’t being approached in the same way anymore, and learning isn’t either. Maybe it’s not a terrible thing that the next generation learns and absorbs differently than we did, they will also process and use information differently than we did. …

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