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43-52-2014: Into the Distance

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October 26, 2014 – It was a long and not-as-planned week this past week. But that’s fine, it keeps life interesting. I was on Vancouver Island from Monday morning until Thursday evening for a number of purposes. I’d been asked by Communications to provide what photographs I could for as many SEP facilities as possible and, since I was heading …

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42-52-2014: Seat Storage

42 52 2014 Seat Storage

October 18, 2014 – We went to the Vancouver Home & Design Show to spend much money in our minds. We didn’t disappoint ourselves and found many things we would love to add to our home. $12,000 for a collapsing wall, actually twice that because we’d love to have one in two different places. $28,000 for a little studio house …

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41-52-2014: Fall Firestorm

41 52 2014 Fall Firestorm

October 12, 2014: The leaves are starting to turn, in some places they are already falling. Nature puts on such a show when she is closing shop for the year. She pulls back all that wonderful chlorophyll and stores it safely away for next year. But what she leaves behind can be spectacular, particularly in those years when we don’t …

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40-52-2014: Acorns

40 52 2014 Acorns

October 5, 2014 – Nothing much today. The week was all over the map, literally. Out to the West Coast of Vancouver Island and back, but didn’t really take may photos, only one that was worthy of much – a shot of a little black bear at Nitinat River. The weekend was eaten up by chores, dinner at a fabulous …

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Toad Lily

Toad Lily

Such an awful name for a flower! It’s my understanding that the name comes from the spots, that they resemble the spots on a toad, though I don’t really think they resemble them at all. I had two plants back at the condo and I loved them, so when we moved to the new place, they were on the “must …

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Danny Macaskill: The Ridge

Screen Shot 2014 10 05 At 8.37.57 AM

Fantastic footage, amazing dedication to a skill, and beautiful scenery. Some of us get on a bicycle sometimes, and then some people seem to use a bicycle like an extra limb. Pretty trick move jumping the fence near the end. Worth a watch!

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39-52-2014: A Weekday Weekend in Whistler With Some Serious WHEEEEEEE!

Ziptrek 17

September 28, 2014 – How’s that for a lovely place to contemplate the world? Two inviting chairs, a milky glacial creek, and the quiet of thick forest to complete the package. Kirk celebrated his half-century birthday this week, good thing he’s really still a child at heart. As a surprise (sort of, I told him a few days in advance …

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Plastic, Plastic, Everywhere! (Re-Post: Choking the Oceans with Plastic)

26moore SuperJumbo

I bought some couch pillows yesterday, and the woman behind the counter was not only irritated when I refused the great big plastic bag, but she tried several times to stuff my pillows into two anyway. Eventually I told her that I didn’t want to be responsible for throwing the plastic away, I didn’t need it, my truck was only a few …

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