(116/366) Awwww, NUTS!

116 366 Awwww NUTS


April 25, 2012 – I cracked a walnut open for our little monster Senegal parrot and decided to get up close and personal with it. Another example of how fascinating small things really are if you just take a closer look. Nature makes the best art!




  1. f r a g i l e .04-26-2012

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  2. (116/366) Awwww, NUTS!Great macro!

  3. (116/366) Awwww, NUTS!A nice close-up!

  4. fstoaldo04-26-2012

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  5. Flickr: fstoaldo04-26-2012

    (116/366) Awwww, NUTS!Really love this. You are right, let the nature makes the art! Success with your 366.

  6. (116/366) Awwww, NUTS!Thanks everyone!

  7. (116/366) Awwww, NUTS!Seen & Admired in " f l i c k "

  8. Flickr: tedicken04-26-2012

    (116/366) Awwww, NUTS!Good very good. love the detail and colors.

  9. (116/366) Awwww, NUTS!Nice detail, Paige, good image.

  10. (116/366) Awwww, NUTS!So true about nature.

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