(138/366) Countdown…

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(138/366) Countdown...

May 17, 2012 – Getting ready for a holiday….and boy, do we need it. Looking forward to a visit to France, absolutely no plans, but apparently the Cannes Film Festival is on while we are there. Just soooo looking forward to seeing the Mediterranean again. Looking forward to a relaxing, entertaining time filled with wine, good food, croissants, and cappuccinos.

Bring it on!




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  2. Flickr: Clive C05-18-2012

    (138/366) Countdown...Gosh! I wonder where you’re going. Bon voyage!

  3. (138/366) Countdown...LOL!

  4. Flickr: Just Mom05-18-2012

    (138/366) Countdown...Have a great trip!

  5. (138/366) Countdown...Oh! Trust me…..we will. Considering the past three weeks, how can we not?

  6. (138/366) Countdown...anywhere nice? enjoy wherever it is, 211 days 1 hour and 47 minutes until my next one:’(

  7. (138/366) Countdown...Antibes. We are staying in Juan le Pins for a week, with plans to probably wander through Nice and Cannes as well. But other than that, no plans whatsoever. Just to relax!

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