(180/366) Music to My Ears

180 366 Music To My Ears

(180/366) Music to My Ears

June 28, 2012 – I remember when I was about 14 and I bought my first ghetto blaster. I bought it in Spruceland Mall, using money I made from my job at the pet store. It was awesome. And I had fabulous headphones that covered my ears like ear muffs. The tapes didn’t flip automatically, but that was OK. Oh but it was cool.

Isn’t it amazing that now we can carry the equivalent of hundreds of tapes on one little machine that is the same size, but half the width of a cassette, and the headphones slip unobtrusively inside your ears.



  1. Paige Ackerman06-28-2012

    Oh you with the amazing memory…can you recall what the stereo store in Spruceland was?

  2. Hans Rasmussen06-28-2012

    Sight and sound?

  3. Paige Ackerman06-28-2012

    Wasn’t that in Pine Centre?

  4. Hans Rasmussen06-28-2012

    They also sold apple

  5. Paige Ackerman06-28-2012

    Pine Centre had Sam the Record Man… and something else, down in the same space as the Singer sewing machine store…wasn’t that Sight & Sound?

  6. Hans Rasmussen06-28-2012

    Yup, there was a spilt later, and the spruceland store became strictly records, name changed to the tuning point

  7. Paige Ackerman06-28-2012

    Well there you go. It sounds right, and I knew you’d remember!

  8. Paige Ackerman06-28-2012

    I have an excellent memory, photographic actually, I’m just out of film….

  9. Hans Rasmussen06-28-2012

    I remember looking at the apple iii, they couldn’t make it do anything. They also sold epson computers.

  10. Hans Rasmussen06-28-2012

    Mine is like a steel trap, not much gets out alive.

  11. Paige Ackerman06-28-2012

    I remember my Dad bringing home an Apple. First time I’d ever used a mouse. It was probably 20 years before I used one again. Our first computer was a Tandy 1000. No hard drive, and a cassette deck for programs.

  12. Hans Rasmussen06-28-2012

    Btw, what is this film thing you speak of ;)

  13. Paige Ackerman06-28-2012

    I have much in my freezer actually. 35mm, 120, I even have about 8 rolls of 110! Bought that as a lot on eBay a year or so ago. Expired in 2010, but it was stored right so as long as I keep it properly stored it will be good for many years. Looking for a Pentax Auto 110 camera.

  14. Paige Ackerman06-28-2012

    I have at least 20 film cameras….

  15. Hans Rasmussen06-28-2012

    hopefully no Kodachrome, I think film processing will soon be a lost art.

  16. Paige Ackerman06-28-2012

    Just ran out of memory film…

  17. Paige Ackerman06-28-2012

    I disagree. Enough artists are attached to the medium, and there is something to be said for analogue anything.

  18. Hans Rasmussen06-28-2012

    I guess so long as the media is available, it’s quickly become a niche market again.

  19. Paige Ackerman06-28-2012

    When Polaroid goes out of the instant film business and a group of people buy the last factory and all the equipment and spend a couple of years reinventing a less environmentally unfriendly form of chemical makeup, I think film will stick around for a long time.

    Check it out….


  20. Hans Rasmussen06-28-2012

    cool, there’s one of those kicking around here somewhere. but some formats are done, disc, aps. A lot of cameras were sold for those formats not too long ago, but were overwhelmed by digital. Consumer photography is nearly free these days, no thinking that it’s a buck a shot anymore.

  21. Paige Ackerman06-28-2012

    Disc! I had one of those. One of the only cameras I ever turfed. Pissed at myself for it too. It broke and if you pushed the button it shot all 15 exposures. I suppose good if you were at a sports event. Otherwise, not terribly useful. I still have a processed negative disc though.

  22. Paige Ackerman06-28-2012

    The photos were terrible from them. I suppose you can’t expect much from a negative the size of your pinkie nail tho’

  23. Hans Rasmussen06-28-2012

    true, it was a bad idea, horribly executed. APS was almost a good idea.

  24. Paige Ackerman06-28-2012

    Nah. It tried to improve on a more or less perfect format – 35mm

  25. Hans Rasmussen06-28-2012

    the idea that exposure info could be written on an adjacent magnetic strip seemed neat, they never could do much with it though.

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