(191/366) Nice Shoes

191 366 Nice Shoes

(191/366) Nice Shoes

July 9, 2012 – Uh Oh. Fluevogs had a sale. Last week actually, but I didn’t get them home until today since I was on the scooter Friday, so I had to leave them at work.

When I called to see if they had them in my size, after a conversation in which he told me how fabulous they are and how one of the women he works with has two pairs in black and just bought the white ones too (one black pair is a backup because she wears them so much), the fellow put them aside for me. When I went to try them on a woman working there stopped in front of me and gave me that “OMG aren’t they perfect” noise and said she had them in both the white/peach and black. I replied that I had them in black also, she laughed and said “I know, I sold them to you!, You’re the pointy shoe lady with the amazing brown boots!!” She has a good memory!

You don’t buy Fluevogs, you adopt them :)

Feet are fabulous, they should be wrapped in fabulousness too!

(Sort of ironic that todays Capture Your 365 topic was a pair of shoes. How perfect!)



  1. Marne Birch07-09-2012

    Dave says that if you didn’t buy so many shoes, maybe you could get that boat you want. :p

  2. Paige Ackerman07-09-2012

    LOL! Slap Dave for me please?

  3. Marne Birch07-09-2012

    Done. :)

  4. Paige Ackerman07-09-2012

    Thank you!

  5. Flickr: tedicken07-10-2012

    They look like go go boots

  6. LOL! They totally remind me of footwear I used to wear in the 80′s!

  7. Please don’t tell my wife, as she will be all over it. Her favourite shoe store on the planet!!

  8. As well it should be! :)

  9. Flickr: opal c07-10-2012

    This is a great expression of the prompt! Cute shoes!

  10. Oh Jeez, Now you’re gonna make me go and shop. Those are fabulous…and a must in every colour.

  11. i_still_believe_in_u07-10-2012

    Added this photo to their favorites

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