(244/366) Control Freaks!

244 366 Control Freak

(244/366) Control Freak

August 31, 2012 – We have too many remote controls. These days just turning the TV on takes an engineering degree in our place! I’m really hoping that Kirk’s new system will eventually allow me to be able to do simple things, like turn up the volume, again one day. It’s looking positive, like we will be able to dispense with most remotes and our iPhones and iPads will do the duties instead. But it’s been so long since I’ve been able to use anything to do with the stereo or television‚Ķ.

Oh well, if nothing else I don’t even try to turn on the TV anymore‚Ķ.I suppose it’s cut back on that habit anyway…



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  2. Flickr: tedicken09-02-2012

    (244/366) Control FreakLove the shot.
    We had a coffee table full remotes. Another Flickr member suggested the five or six in one Logitech. Life is better with it.

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  4. (244/366) Control Freakvery cool shot, well done

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