(253/366) Moving Day (B59 to A56)

253 366 Moving Day

(253/366) Moving Day

Sept 9, 2012 – We finally won a bigger boathouse. Not what we are ultimately after, we are trying for a larger outside slip so we can finally make the jump to a sailboat. But the list of people vying for the outside berths seems to have grown in recent years, and it could be a few years yet before we build up enough seniority to win one. That said, strange things happen sometimes.

So for the moment we will assume this boathouse will be ours for a few years and plan within the increased space it affords us.

The move was extraordinarily short. Basically we could have almost united it and given it a push. The new shed was one over from directly behind the one we have moored in for the past two years. We met our new neighbours, and were welcomed to “A” dock. We are probably going to get less done when we are at it now because we are in closer proximity to a number of friends, and that usually means more socializing, which, ultimately, really is a major part of boating :D

So much extra room that we can shop to fill ;) Unless that outside slip comes our way sooner.



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    (253/366) Moving Day (B59 to A56)Has the shopping begun already? :)

  2. Just Mom09-10-2012

    Has the shopping begun already? :)

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  4. (253/366) Moving Day (B59 to A56)Well, that’s always fun, Paige, especially with the boat show coming up…..

  5. barefootin'09-10-2012

    Well, that’s always fun, Paige, especially with the boat show coming up…..