Weather Changes Fast in the North

Unexpectedly Bright Day...Before the Rains Set In... (by Free 2 Be)Yesterday was supposed to be downright nasty. It dawned damp but by noon it was a stunning day! Wished I’d had the whole day to explore, but I got a ton done at the hatchery. It was still lovely when I left the hatchery around 4pm so I slipped down the road to look for some photo opportunities. There really isn’t a lot in Kitimat…not a lot of tourist sites, not a whole lot to do, but I found a nice park/campground that was closed for the season and went for a nice walk. I got some photos, enjoyed the sun and the cool air…and ended up back at the motel (not that that is really a fair description). This is a weird place, not the worst I’ve stayed at (one in Seattle holds that particular honour), but certainly not the best either. It feels strangely deserted….possibly because I haven’t actually seen another human being. I have seen a bit of evidence (like two other vehicles)…but no people. Not even any staff. I know they have been here since my bed was made (I was sort of surprised when I came back and found that).

This morning when I got up the weather report was that a nasty storm was headed this way, with the possibility of flurries! I can’t say I’d be sad if I saw snow….just not a lot since I’m driving a Toyota Corolla that doesn’t look to have had its snow tires put on yet. As I was getting ready to leave for the hatchery I saw that a person, a real live person, was in the office. I decided I should go and do my paperwork for checking out today instead of tomorrow thinking I might not happen across a person again! Struggled with the internet (worse than bad wireless connection) to get a few photos uploaded and headed off to the hatchery.

Alice's Wonderland? (by Free 2 Be)We finished up at the hatchery and the rain hadn’t hit yet, so I went for a drive. The rain started and the wind picked up. I stopped for a granola bar and saw the most amazing patches of mushrooms at the side of the road! I mean really, really amazing mushrooms! All I ever see down south are the typical cream coloured ones (I know nothing about mushrooms). The ones I’ve stumbled across here are strange and fantastic looking. Like things out of fantasy movies! On one hand the pouring rain sucked because I didn’t want to get down on the ground and get real close ups…on the other hand, these stupid ankles are still hampering me.

On the drive back to town I went up and over a high spot…the rain seemed to thicken and finally! YES! SNOW! Stupid grin on face, I stopped for a minute to enjoy it. Sure, it was wet sloppy snow mixed with rain…but it was still the first snow of the year, and I loved it!

Back to the Motel and suddenly the place came to life. Several cars were waiting for the owner to come to the office. They checked in and went to their rooms. The owner left. A little later, more cars and the owner was back. There has been a steady stream all evening. From a silent place to a busy one. Odd.

Now the rain is coming down heavily and pattering on the roof. Love the sound. I suppose I should do a bit more work before turning in……home tomorrow.



  1. Flickr: Just Mom10-16-2008

    Now that is an interesting one.

  2. Excellent, great close up

    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  3. Now this really makes me shudder! (I have a fungi phobia). It’s a great pic though.