Day 363 – Life in a Fishbowl

Day 363 - Life in a Fish Bowl

363/365 (December 29, 2010) – Ahhhh, what a beautiful day. The sun came out, although the temperature didn’t exactly rise. Didn’t matter. Even though it was snowing on top of Burnaby mountain, it was stunning here in North and West Vancouver. Stripped the cover off Gypsy, pulled on my new helmet and gloves, and had a fabulous (although too short) ride out to Horseshoe Bay and back along the highway. Love my new helmet, so much quieter and so comfortable. My own personal fishbowl ;-)



  1. somethin’ fishy about this photo….
    Well, I would love to be in Horseshoe Bay about now! It’s nearly -20 in Calgary.

  2. [] LOL! Cute Shirley. It’s stunning here, chilly, but by a different set of standards. Don’t forget the humidity here, so that -20 isn’t quite so bad as it would be here at half that. Have a wonderful 2011!!

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