Boating Season Officially Begins

Ekin's Point

It finally arrived! The beginning of boating season. The official shakedown cruise. Summer! OK, I know it’s still May, but as far as boaters go, this is the start of summer. We were (understandably) concerned that our boating season would have a bumpy start. After all, last summer consisted of three weekends that did NOT involve rain, and our engines repeatedly died on us whenever we encountered so much as a ripple in the ocean.We emptied our wallets over the winter and had the fuel tanks polished. We’ve tried everything else, it had to be the solution. The early evidence suggests that perhaps we have isolated and remedied the problem (oh please, oh please).

While we didn’t exactly get underway when we planned, we did still get out. Friday night just did not happen, and then we needed to stop by the Yacht Club outstation to get our safety inspection since we haven’t managed to attend either of the other inspection weekends due to inclement weather. But we made it, the trip was great, the weather was wonderful, and we are now compliant. Well, almost, I still need to send in our proof of insurance. Minor detail.

We planned on heading back out to Plumper Cove to raft with friends as soon as we got the inspection, but the offer of a free steak BBQ couldn’t be refused, neither could a pancake breakfast the next morning. So we stayed, and met new people, and left early Sunday morning after pancakes.

Sunday wasn’t supposed to be nice, really, the May long weekend rarely provides nice weather. But what a surprise, sun, heat…it was glorious. The evening was long and warm and filled with friends. So we stayed out an extra night after calling to make sure the critter sitter could feed the monsters.

Monday dawned rainy and grey, but it really didn’t dampen our spirits since we had managed the rest of the weekend in sunny weather. We broke the raft up around 11:30 am and all headed back home.

It’s official…let’s go!

Safe boating everyone!


  1. That’s another great shot – you could almost turn it on it’s head the reflection is so mirror like!

    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

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