Dreaming Big, the Five Year Plan

In Full Flag

First we wanted a boat. Then we got a boat. Then we realized it wasn’t exactly the perfect boat. Then we realized the perfect boat doesn’t actually exist.

We love our boat, Chantelle (we didn’t choose her name, she came with it and it was painted on so nicely we chose to live with it), but we are outgrowing her in a few ways.

After just a few short years we came to the realization that a planing hull wasn’t really what we needed since we generally travel rather slowly. So we thought a trawler might be what we were after. But the more time we spent sailing with friends the more we liked it.

Then we chartered a sailboat in Greece for three weeks…and we were officially hooked. So now the planning begins. It’s a long way off yet, but we are in the market for a sailboat.

We looked over a number of makes, narrowed it down to three: Catalina, Beneteau, Bavaria.

Bavaria was knocked out of the running relatively quickly and we are now down to two.

Everyone Needs a Dream....

Size is the next issue. The Catalina’s we like are either the 42′ or the 47′ two cabin pullman style.

The Bavaria will either be the 46′ or the 49′ two cabin cruiser.

Ah, dreaming is so much fun. Decisions, decisions. The first step is done, we joined a local yacht club. Next we need to actually get in with our current boat, probably at least a year or two off. Then get the mortgage paid off…about 4.5 years…finally…start shopping in about 5 years.



  1. LOL, that seems a bit extreme :)
    This looks like the life though!

    Seen on my Flickr home page. (?)

  2. Well, he didn’t ever actually openly admit it…but he also doesn’t deny it when we bug him about it… ;) Now he just swamps us with the wash he leaves behind….but we love him anyway.

  3. Remember the tale of the tortoise and the hare? I’m sure you’ll have your day again :D

  4. Well…it will be particularly funny if that does come to pass since we will be parting company with this boat in the next five years as we are moving up to a sailboat sometime relatively soon.

    So we will end up being bigger…but he will most certainly always be faster ;)

  5. Yay! You’re becoming a raghanger! Seriously, even though you can go faster, therefore further in a shorter period of time, you miss stuff on a power boat. Sailing is such a great way to get around on the water. Just the same, I like the lines of your stinkpot. :)

  6. lol, nice story! Great shot of the boat too!

  7. Flickr: Just Mom06-20-2008


  8. Part of the five year plan…..

  9. Good luck with that plan!

    Just before I bought LRM I seriously considered a sailing boat. In the end I had to ask myself some hard questions and went back to the original plan.

  10. Very neat boat. Love the story :-)

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