Day 346 – Stuffed and Ready to go!

Day 346 - Stuffed and Ready to go!

DONE! Cards are made, filled out, and stuffed into envelopes, awaiting stamps tomorrow. I’m running behind on everything this year…this “job” thing is almost getting in the way :)

I know more and more people are sending e-cards, but I find them so much less personal than a real paper card, with real handwritten messages. Some things are better left the old fashioned way.



  1. _KITTY_KATT_12-13-2011

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  2. Flickr: Clive C12-13-2011

    You made this stack look epic. Nice!

  3. i_still_believe_in_u12-13-2011

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  4. Flickr: Just Mom12-13-2011

    Sigh. I haven’t even started yet. It’s on my to do list for today.

  5. Well, we were kind of running out of time what with Kirk skipping town tomorrow for a few days, and we off to Seattle for the weekend. Still so much else to do though, if it makes you feel any better.

  6. Flickr: Just Mom12-13-2011

    Nope….cuz I still have tons of stuff to do. :)

  7. Me too…all I’ve managed is cards at this point…

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