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25-52-2014 – Summer is Officially Here!

25 52 2014 Summer Is Officially Here

June 22, 2014 – The best thing about summer is the fresh bounty that can be found at the local fruit-stands. I spent every summer of my youth on my grandparents farm and orchard and while the work was hard, the rewards were plenty and flavourful. I remember riding around on Grandpa’s lap on the big old tractor, and when …

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24-52-2014: Fresh from the garden

24 52 2014 Fresh From The Garden

June 15, 2014 – I can’t wait until the renovation is over and I can wash salad greens in a kitchen sink rather than in the bathroom. What a pain! But we are getting there. The granite is in, though I’m unhappy with the cutouts for the posts. It turns out that the slab we paid a small fortune for, …

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13-52-2014: Fresh Baked

13 52 2014 Fresh Baked

March 30, 2014 – Once is luck, twice is interesting, but three times…when you manage to do something perfectly three times in a row… now you have a pattern A few weeks ago I bought a bread cloche. I’d been eyeballing it for a few months at a store downtown, and I pretty much covet anything red and made by …

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Punishing pomegranates!

An Opened Pomegranate

I never eat pomegranates. Not because I don’t like them, I love them. But I never eat them because they are more trouble than they are generally worth. But after watching this… I think I may go buy a pomegranate this afternoon and beat the crap out of it just for fun!

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9-52-2014: Soup Sunday!

9 52 2014 Soup Sundays

March 2, 2014 – Ahhhh, what can be better than a warming bowl of potato-bacon soup on a rainy Sunday evening? I can’t think of much! Sundays always seem like the perfect day for easy, lazy, comfort food. Particularly in the winter. I was browsing a magazine on the way back from Nanaimo late last week on the ferry, and …

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