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33-52-2014: Dog Tired!

33 52 2014 Dog Tired

August 17, 2014 – That’s about how I feel! When I think of the dog days of summer I think of slowing down and relaxing, but that’s just not the case this summer. It’s been dog-gone crazy! I just looked at a calendar and I’ve only been home six days this month so far! I still haven’t finished dealing with …

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21-52-2014: Renovations are still underway…

21 52 2014 Renovations Are Still Underway...

May 25, 2014 – As a general rule, I have little patience. For anything. When I have a vision, I want it fulfilled and completed….NOW! The renovations are still underway. Slowly but surely, things are coming together, but not nearly fast enough for my sanity. the drywall is mostly done. The painting of the drywall that is complete, is done. …

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12-52-2014: First ride of the season

12 52 2014 First Ride Of The Season

March 23, 2014 – Ahhhh, that felt good! Cold! But good! The first ride of the year is always awesome, no matter the temperature. Just being out on the road again feels great. Lately the weeks seem to have been gorgeous all week, and then not-so-much on the weekends. Or maybe I’m just being a typical Vancouverite who sees weeks …

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Pampas Grass

  It’s been awhile since I posted anything to the monochromatic page in here. This was a quick, of the cuff shot that I sort of liked after processing it. You don’t really get the scale of this clump of pampas, but it was at least 9 feet tall at the top. Impressive for a “grass”.

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Van Family

I am not kid oriented…but I do love these little baby Vans. How can you not. I put the little baby one insde the adult one and it reminded me of a swan carrying its cygnet…. maybe it’s just me though…. probably…  

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