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Stop and look around

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I came across a video on Facebook this morning and it gave me pause for thought. We are so busy thinking about ourselves, our wants, our own happiness… and when we walk down the street and pass those less fortunate, how many of us move away from them because they make us uncomfortable? Do we help in any way? “Oh,” …

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The Little Brown Bear

July 18, 2014 – Milo has always been so hard to take photos of because we never had any outside space where he could go. Now we do, and for the first time I can take photos that show off his lovely brown coat. This little cat had a really lousy start to life, and when he came to us …

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Re-Post: The Death of Expertise


Have you come across this? You have a conversation with someone and they are solidly convinced that they know everything there is to know about a subject. They will argue a point to death and never consider that there is another side to the information at hand. Why? Because they read it on the internet. You can point to reams …

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On being judged

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Apparently I’m a rude individual. I learn new things about myself every day from people I’ve never met. I am always fascinated by human behaviour and its capacity for immaturity. My best friend posted an image debunking some foolishness. It was one of those things, akin to vaccines causing autism, except involving animal health in this particular instance (that ice …

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20-52-2014: What’s your OCD?

20 52 2014 Pointy Pencils Perfectly Positioned

May 18, 2014 – When I was a kid, lots of kids were overactive, hyper, difficult, whatever. Parents wrote it off as “too much sugar”, or many other things. That was fine, for the most part we all grew out of our behaviours, or learned how to deal with them. Textbooks on mental disorders were thin. But today! Today we …

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