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14-52-2014: Left-Right Challenged

PAC 1017

April 4, 2014 – I am Left-Right challenged. I remember how excited I was when someone, many, many years ago, upon my blank expression when he gave me directions to a restaurant and told me it was on the left hand side of the road, stuck his left hand out in front of himself and said “Left makes the L!” …

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Why are we so hard on ourselves (and others) – Part II?


For someone with no formal background in human behaviour, barring one lonely psychology course in third year University, I probably spend too much time watching and thinking about how people behave. I’m not really a “pink person”, in fact I generally don’t put anything pastel on, but I do have one deep rich pink top that I can’t seem to …

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Why are we so hard on ourselves? – Part 1


In the fall I was approached by the coordinator of a mentoring program at UBC, in the Faculty I received my MSc and PhD from. In light of some distant and recent past events, it seemed out of place in my mind. In the final years of myPhD I rocked the boat politically a bit, and I left feeling somewhat …

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I Think You Have Enough Crap

I’ve never understood hanging on to anything because of some “might” that may or may not happen in the future. It doesn’t matter to me if it’s “ideas” or “things”. Better to stay in the here and now and not clutter up life with what-ifs. That’s just a recipe for regret. You have to look backwards to know where you …

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Repost – Why We’re All Moral Hypocrites


Have you ever interacted with people that leave you wondering if they are a modern day incarnation of Jekyll and Hyde? Highly intelligent people who act like badly behaved children and who are generally incapable of seeing that their behaviour is harmful to others? Or maybe they do know, and just don’t care, because they think they are superior, or …

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