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It’s Just a Cold!!

I have a cold. Just a cold. Not the plague. I am not Typhoid Mary. I am not spreading death and destruction with each cough. I do not have H1N1!!! And yet, with each bark I feel eyes upon me, measuring me. Recoiling in horror. I drove to Prince George last week. 800 km each way. By myself, feeling like …

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Run for the Cure.

Sunday was the CIBC Run For the Cure and it was the first time I’ve been involved in a fundraising event since I did the Swim-a-thon…and that was a very, very long time ago. I joined a team, a small team, made up of a friend, her sister-in-law (the survivor in pink), and daughter, cousin and wife, and a friend …

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Anatomy of a Cold

I hate colds, well who doesn’t really. But I also find them rather fascinating. I never quite know what each cold will turn into. I have several variants, two of which I really, really dislike, one of which I generally despise for what it does to me. The Silencer: I get this one from time to time and most people …

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A new pair of ankles!

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Butt, butt, butt….

I can’t speak to the addiction that I know smokers have, except that it’s an expensive one (financially and physiologically). I’ve never smoked in my life, except for all that second hand smoke I’ve inhaled over the years because friends smoked. I’ve never understood the appeal of sucking horrible chemicals into one’s lungs and then sharing them with others as …

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