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Why English is hard to learn

English Clipart 1

I spent a lot of years in a lab at UBC that saw a large number of visiting researchers and students from other parts of the world. Those years gave me an appreciation of what a strange and difficult language english is to learn. The rules don’t always make a lot of sense. When I stumbled onto this today it …

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50 Lessons I Wish I Had Learned Earlier (ReBlog)

50lessons 654x654

A wonderful post I found on a friends Facebook Timeline and worth saving. This is all straightforward logic, nothing earth shattering, revolutionary, not information you need to pay someone to help you see for yourself, and shouldn’t really need pointing out. There are so many simple lessons that we overlook, and then later in life we think we need to …

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An interesting year, a fascinating decade

It’s been an interesting year, and a fascinating decade. The past decade brought a lot of things. I distinctly recall standing in line at Home Depot the week before New Years in 1999 and the fellow in front of us turning and saying “That’s smart, you’ll still be able to cook when everything comes to a halt at midnight YSK” …

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Morning Routines

Everyone has routines…event pets, Our morning is rather funny from the outside perspective. 1. The alarm is set for 5:55 am 2. Loki stuffs a wet nose in my face at about 5:50 am 3. The alarm goes off 4. I hit snooze…three or four times…with Loki moaning in apparent starvation next to my head 5. I finally nudge Kirk …

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Now this is unexpected!

Have you ever looked after someone’s home while they are on holidays? Of course you have.. Have you ever locked yourself out? Embarrassing to admit…but probably…. Have you ever found yourself locked IN your vacationing neighbours home? Now there’s a unique predicament! So my neighbour has been away for a month. She took her cat along so all I was …

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