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41-52-2013: Happy Thanksgiving!

41 52 2013 Nap Time At The Waldorf

Napping in the sunshine, outside the Waldorf Hotel October 12, 2013 – I’ll probably feel like this later this evening. Mainly because we are doing our Thanksgiving turkey dinner tonight instead of Sunday or Monday. Why? Because the forecast for the next week is simply fabulous and we both have Monday off. So we plan on making the most of …

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Pampas Grass

  It’s been awhile since I posted anything to the monochromatic page in here. This was a quick, of the cuff shot that I sort of liked after processing it. You don’t really get the scale of this clump of pampas, but it was at least 9 feet tall at the top. Impressive for a “grass”.

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St Patrick Station

Playing with tilt-shift generator provides some fun with blur…. Vancouver is so shiny and new compared to so many cities in the world. Canada itself is a pretty new place when you compare its history with Europe and Asia.

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Fresh Local Berry Ahead

I have this insane thing about grammar…..┬áIt’s certainly not like my grammar is perfect. Far from it. But there are just some things that drive me crazy, particularly when they are written. It’s not that difficult to ask someone to look something over. You simply would not believe what I get sent from fourth year University students in my courses. …

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Death of the Letter

I love the written word, but I wonder how much longer it will exist. I’d like to think forever, but the next generation is the text generation and not only can many of them not form a formal communication, their actual ability to pick up a pen and write is shockingly bad. Kindle is trying to kill paper novels, text …

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