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16-52-2014: Sun Seeker

16 52 2014 Sun Seeker

April 20, 2014 – Sunshine is appreciated any time of year, but particularly so in the early spring. We see a lot of rain at this time of year usually, though it’s been unusually dry here for many months. That’s not to say it hasn’t rained, it certainly has. And when it comes down, it does so with extreme gusto. …

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Loki…. just…. can’t…. quite… fit…!!!

Loki….can’t….quite….fit…!!! from Paige Ackerman on Vimeo. Gearing up for an almost 600km ride yesterday morning, I put my tailbag out on the table, and when I turned around, Loki was trying to fill it for me. He spent two minutes desperately trying to stuff his bulk into something too small. But it was good for a laugh. He crawls into …

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Monsters with No Manners

I live with three monsters, four if you include Kirk, I don’t though. I’m trying to get healthy, so I took a nap this afternoon, or at least I tried. Gizmo is in his cage systematically trying to reduce his ladder to sawdust. He’s getting there. I keep trying to give him other things to destroy but that only seems …

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My Personal Star Wars Episode

This morning I realized that I live with movie characters. Star Wars Movie characters to be exact. Normally the little fur factory (Loki) bothers Kirk at somewhere between 5 and 6 am. He’s not really bright, but he has a seriously freaky sense of time. Enough so that we often wonder if he can actually read a clock. Probably not, …

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Living with the Loki Monster

Loki, Milo, and Gizmo. Our collection of two syllable, multi-faceted, pain in the patootie, critters. Kirk was away this week, in Toronto on business, and so I was “in charge” (not that anyone is really in charge of these creatures) for the week. Easy, right….? Well, yes and no. Loki has one talent, he can read a clock! He really …

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